Manufacturers are continuously on the lookout for high-quality and cost-effective production alternatives. Working with contract manufacturers can provide you with cost-effective production if the volume is higher. 

However, additive manufacturing presents a viable solution that is both cost-effective and provides high-quality products even for low-volume manufacturing. It also allows producers to employ a more risk-free business model.

Here's how additive manufacturing is bridging the high-volume/low-volume production divide.

Design Flexibility

The capacity to change the part design at any time is one of the most compelling characteristics of 3D printing for low-volume production.

Changes in the injection mold method can be very costly and would necessitate a lot of the changes to the tooling, thus resulting in increased downtime.

However, there's no need for a tooling modification with 3D printing. It helps the client save big bucks on each part as it requires less material with 3D printing.


Another notable benefit of 3D printing for low-volume production is the speed with which the parts are manufactured. There is no time wasted on building tools for manufacturing, significantly reducing the lead time by up to 8 times.


All businesses and manufacturing plants struggle to cut down on their expenses. If you're producing 500 - 1000 units per year, manufacturing components with 3D printing allows for a lower per part cost.

With traditional methods,   molds deteriorate and degrade with time, requiring technical adjustments from time to time that might add up to your production expenses, pushing the break-even point further. With 3D printing, there is no additional cost of maintaining the tools and equipment.

Printing and Shipping On Demand

If you have a qualified design on hand, 3D printing directly prints digital models, allowing immediate work on the production.

By printing orders on-demand, 3D printing companies can remove superfluous inventory, thus minimizing the warehousing requirements, which might add to their expenses.

We Offer 3D Printing For Low Volume Production

Are you creating a product in small batches? Are you creating samples or prototypes for testing? Our company can help you with low volume production, including generating trial models in small batches and creating experimental prototypes of products for testing.

We offer services to startups and small to mid-sized businesses that are not mass-producing and are creating exclusive and limited access products. We also help manufacture spare parts and other smaller items via 3D printing for low volume production.

Through low volume production, you save more and spend less on developing sustainable, high-quality products for your company. We offer services to businesses and individual product designers, developing solutions that will benefit you and your business in the long run.

Set up a consultation with our company as we figure out the logistics and requirements of production and development and innovate new ways for 3D printing for low volume production.

Choose us as your manufacturer for 3D printing for low volume production and get the benefits of lower costs, convenience, and high-quality production today. It’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions for business owners and independent contractors.

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