Model Making Companies in Sharjah work with Falcon Technologies International

Architecture model making is an industry which is being challenged for its turnaround time. Traditional the entire industry was dependent on the skill of the craftsman to achieve the required finish. Due to complex designs of the modern architecture the time and the manpower required to create the models were creating a cost pressure on the model makers. Then came 3D printing which is the perfect solution for these problems. Without the need for a tool, the 3D printing machine can automate the entire process of making the complex architectural design. This can free the entire manpower for other critical activities like assembly and finishing the model. Depending on the complexity, budget, and time available the myriad of 3D printing technology like SLA, SLS or FDM can be used to achieve the final outcome.

 Our team is specialized to work on detailed and complex architectural models of all sizes in a very precise and professional manner. The expertise lies in how to optimize the print size so that the model can be completed in the timeline with the available resources. FTI experts understand the importance of the finish required for the final appearance and manages the orientation to give perfect fit and joining and optimizing the cost and time required for printing. We can provide suggestion on the minimum feature size for each technology and offer file fixing services which is sometimes the major hurdle in the model making industry. We also ensure that the project confidentiality is maintained by strict internal data privacy processes.  Our Application Engineers and finishing workshop technicians will work with you to create large scaled fully assembled models for architecture, exhibitions, or prototype demonstrators. Some projects are assembled from various builds allowing the customer the freedom required in design. We have a dedicated paint booth to enhance the surface finishing capability. 

Reach out to us today to know more about our 3D printing services for model making and how we can benefit your company. Contact us by calling at 971 7 2446943 to start with your 3D journey.