Customized medical devices for companies in Dubai

Making of customized medical devices is where 3D printing brings the perfect use case. Each patient anatomy is different, and the requirements are unique, 3D printing offers the best solution here. Whether it is the case of a cranial implant made in Titanium or an insole made in PA12, mass manufacturing cannot provide the optimum solution.


 It is not just the 3D printing that enables the customization and manufacturing of parts. A good understanding of the requirement of the patient and a strong design team with the supporting software is required. FTI offers all this expertise starting from data acquisition in case of a patient who have a podiatry condition, interaction with the clinician who is treating the patient. Through the interaction and our inhouse software expertise we arrive at the perfect design for the insole or any other device which is then printed in our 3D printers which act as the central fabrication hub in this region.

Our experts can segment Dicom files from CT (Computer Tomography) Scan or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) can   and converted into 3D CAD files. This can be further used for surgery planning or for making surgical guides that can assist surgeons in the operation table or design the perfect fitting scoliosis brace.


Falcon Technologies International offers the full spectrum 3D printing services including, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, design for additive manufacturing, prototype, development, and serial production components.

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