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Falcon Technologies International provides Metal Additive Manufacturing Services  

Metal Additive Manufacturing or Metal 3D printing as it is commonly known have grown from a prototyping concept to an end use manufacturing method. The growth was very prominent in the west with Europe being the biggest adopter, followed by North America and Japan. The middle east is slowly catching up in metal 3D printing with its new installations in industrial end use locations, service bureau and in research institutes.

Metal Additive manufacturing

Though there are many metal-3D printing technology available such as LPBF (Laser Powder Bed Fusion) DED (Direct Energy Deposition) WAAM (Wie arc Additive Manufactuing), EBM (Electron Beam Manufacturing), the one that is most popular is LPBF. In LPBF 3D printing process the parts are made by joining layer upon layer using laser as energy source for melting. The raw material is powder, and the printing happens in an inert atmosphere inside the 3D printer.

LPBF is the most advanced metal 3D printing process available giving the highest accuracy and resolution. However, there is a lot of barriers to be crossed before it becomes a mainstream manufacturing process. Till then metal 3D printing and conventional manufacturing methods will co-exist and complement each other. Complex designs that are not possible in conventional processes will be done in LPBF and components that requires extremely high accuracy after 3D printing will be finish machined through CNC (Computer Numerical Control) processes.

With its success in Polymer Additive manufacturing for the last years, FTI (Falcon Technologies International) has now started its ambitious plans to bring industrial scale Metal 3D Printing in the region. For this purpose, FTI has recently collaborated BEAMIT one the largest Metal Additive Manufacturing Service Bureau in the world, based in Europe. FTI now has access to 47 metal 3D printers and can provide metal components in 20 different metal Alloys in multiple technologies.

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