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Falcon Technologies International, Ras Al Khaimah offers affordable 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing Services

3D printing now has matured into an industry used for manufacturing and engineering rather than just prototyping. 3D CAD model is the basis for 3D printing. CAD files are digitally sliced into layers and each layer is manufactured at a time. The layers form on top of each other, where the previous layer act as the base block for the subsequent layer. There are multiple technologies that are available for 3D printing and choosing the correct one according to the requirement and budget is the key factor. Broadly the technology can be classified based on the material used as polymer and metal and then based on the energy source used to melt the same (Laser, Electron beam, resistance heater, etc..) and based on the way the material is fed to the place where it joins the previous layer (bed based, feed based etc.). Selecting the appropriate technology depends on the end use, budget availability, time required for manufacturing etc. A good partner ensures that the correct technology is selected based on the application.

Reverse Engineering

To get the 3D CAD model, the design can be done from grounds up where the geometry is sculpted in a 3D CAD package. Many a times 3D printing is used to replace an existing part, may be due to non-availability of a spare part on time. Scanning the part using a 3D scanner is the best option in this situation. FTI has the expertise to scan the part using our scanners and then make the 3D CAD using reverse engineering process. This part can then be printed using our 3D printers available inhouse.

Reverse engineering can be also used in industries like ship building or cement factories or mining where we can scan the entire factory or the asset and convert it into a digital library. This intelligent model can be used for making modifications or upgradation and better planning.

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